Reducing RR of the Patient using the Respiratory Mechanics

So i need the initial RR of the patient to be lower than normal (I need to simulate a scenario where the patient has taken too much morphine

  1. Can i use the respiratory mechanics action to start the patient in this condition.
  2. Based on medicines / tools provided in the pulse engine would the patient then come to a normal RR, or would i be needed to manually turn of this mechanics action?

Have you tried just administering a bolus of Morphine?

Doing this has the RR drop from 12 to 8-9 after a few minutes
Do you need it to go lower? You might be able to do so with a larger dose…

The Respiratory Mechanics action is there for you to set explicit values of the respiratory circuit/model to model a set of lungs exactly the way you want. This is not going to be the best option if you just want to tune the RR a bit.

We are currently working on a RespiratoryMechanicsModifier action, that does provide a way to tune the RR to fine tune your Pulse state. This is accessable on our Integration branch if you want to test it out. I could also provide a beta build of the Explorer with this exposed (But not well tested) as well.

Addressing your 2nd question, It is recommended to use the Pulse Explorer to tune the Pulse patient to a state where the vitals are doing what you want for your application, then Serialize that state to a file. You then can load that state file up in your application.

To do what I did above, I just

  1. Started the Explorer
  2. Loaded the Standard Male
  3. Applied a Substance Bolus action
  4. Unchecked the Real Time check box and let Pulse quickly Simulate 5 minutes
  5. I can then just apply a Serialization action to create the state file for use in another application