Running Pulse in WEB server

Is there any form to run Pulse in a web server. I am a Teacher and what to create a web based trainning in physiology signal and interpretation. Pulse is the best solution I have found but i am trying to figure out how to run it in a web server.


It is possible to run Pulse on a sever for web based distribution to your users. We currently do not host a web service for pulse.

The main hurdle to doing this is that an instance of pulse is analogous to a single patient. This requires a server spin up and maintain the engine mapped to individual clients. This would require a non-trivial server architecture.

Pulse also computes a large number of outputs throughout the body. It would would also be a good idea to create a specific interface to tailor the data down to what you want to teach.

Have you looked at the Pulse Explorer application? It is a free desktop application that can be used to demonstrate physiology interactions. You could design specific scenarios students could download and run on an instance of the Explorer on their own machine. It might require a bit more coordination, but could be a viable option.

If this is something you would like more information about, let us know.

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