Simulating Sepsis with Pulse Explorer


I’m trying to create a sepsis simulation with the Unity Asset. First, I’m trying to run a sepsis sim in Pulse Explorer by loading the Sepsis.json scenario file included with “engine-master”, but the patient vitals look quite normal to me. I notice that the Pulse Explorer UI does not include Sepsis as one of the available conditions – does that mean the Pulse Explorer doesn’t recognize sepsis as a condition, even if a scenario files specifies it?

IF I were able to run sepsis in the explorer, then I could generate a state file to load into the Unity Asset (at least I think that’s how one would do that). Do you have recommendations for other ways to generate a state and/or patient file with sepsis that I could run in the Unity Asset?

Thanks for your help!

PS: Loading the COPDSevereEmphysema.json file into the Pulse Explorer has the expected results on patient vitals.


Unfortunatly, Sepsis was started but never finished.
It still on our radar, but our funding souce just has not made it a priorty yet.

The model is currently just not there.
I should add a warning or something…

Ok, that explains it. Thanks for clarifying.

Following up on this…

I am able to get close to what I want in a sepsis case by using ARDS as the condition EXCEPT that the patient would also have dangerously low blood pressure. Is there a parameter I can modify (e.g., vascular resistance) that would get me to low blood pressure that could be addressed by fluids and vasopressors?

Or perhaps that’s exactly what you were trying to do with adding sepsis to the model, and it’s just more complicated than adjusting vasular resistance?

Thanks for any insights!

Keen insight Andrew!

Not just yet, but we are looking at creating a simple VascularTone action/condition in the next month or so, much like the PulmonaryShunt/Impaired Alveolar exhange so you can do just what you are intending! This is not quite there, but all the piecies are there… stay tuned!

Thanks Aaron, that sounds promising. And thanks for the prompt and helpful feedback.


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