SMTK 3.1 Documentation Issues

User Guide Comments

Front Page

  • Should also address operations and use cases of building/modifying things like model and model resources. - Currently its very attribute centric

An Overview of SMTK’s Subsystem

  • What is a better name than subsystem? Alternatives include:
    • Concept (Major, Minor, etc…)
    • Library
    • Aspect
  • Need concept of Persistent Object

Note that this is a work in progress discussion…

@Bob_Obara Besides the documentation itself needing some polish, it appears that Kitware owns but that it is misconfigured (neither the SSL cert is correct nor does it point to a good website). I would like to have gitlab pages enabled (or failing that use our github mirror) so that we can maintain a front page for SMTK that points to our documentation but also has other things there (e.g., vtk.js, sensei in situ, paraview glance).