SMTK dashboard issues

@ben.boeckel The failures on smtk master look related to plugin paths (Could not find View Type: pqSMTKResourceBrowser skipping view ) indicate plugins are not being loaded. Could this be related to your recent superbuild changes? … and if so, will fixing paraview’s SLACTools.qch issue and updating the docker images resolve it?

The superbuild updates have nothing to do with any of the repo CI results until CI bundles are updated. The superbuild bundles for SMTK were last updated at the end of Nov 2020, so I’d like to see the results of a more recent ParaView.

I have an SMTK MR up that should bump SMTK’ runners to the latest superbuild. It had one error that I thought I fixed (the cdash board was clean) but the pipeline failed because the UBsan runner had the same test fail. Is there a way to see the test output from ubsan?

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