Speed up effects of conditions and actions


I am very interested in implementing the Pulse engine in Unreal Engine 5 for a simulated game experience we are creating.
My question is, after testing the Pulse Explorer a bit, is there a way for me to adjust the speed of all of the effects from actions and conditions? If this has to be done in the C++ source code, that would also be fine. I realise that this alters the realism of the simulation, but for my purposes that is exactly what I need.

Thank you!

Hi Tim

I am currently working on a Unreal 4 Plugin
I should have something in a repository for you to pull and evaluate by the end of the week
I am not sure how well it work with Unreal 5
It is a plugin that requires you to have a C++ project, as you will need to build the Plugin
I am going to provide static libraries of the actual Pulse engine

In general, if you want something to happen faster
You can either advance time faster, or double the severity

If you advance time faster, at least you can show a clock that informs the user when they should expect something like 5cc’s of moriphine to show signs, while keeping their attention
If you double the severity with out informing the user, you will train them to expect things faster, which is not effective training and could cause them to really double dose the patient and cause issues… I guess it really depends on the context of your application, is it really for training or entertainment…

At anyrate, let me clean up what I have going so far, and I will post back here when I have something in a repository

Hey abray,
Thank you for your swift response. I very much appreciate it.
I look forward to seeing the repository!

In the mean time, I will see if I can double the severity to achieve my desired results. As it is a gaming experience, it will be stated that effects are sped up, we have to adjust some things in order to make it entertaining. Another question: if there is an action/condition/drugs etc that is not in Pulse as of yet, say Septic Shock (at least, I didn’t see it) is it possible to add this myself?


It’s possible, yes
But modelling in Pulse is a pretty rigourous, complicated, and delicate process.
Everything is interconnected by a fundamental lummed parameter circuit model and each system fine tunes that shared model with an algorithm to push the phsyiology in their desired direction… and there are other algorithms that push back
As for sepsis, we do anticipate releasing a validated model implemented by the end of the year

Hi @Tim_G

Here is the Unreal 4 example project repository.
I plan on submitting the PulsePhysiologyEngine Plugin in the next month or so
You can experiement with the example project and provide any feedback/questions/suggestions

I am still working on the documentation, but the project you use the plugin with will need to be a C++ based projects so you build the Plugin. It is also expected that you change the ExamplePulseComponent.h for your application

Other than that, I hope you can just copy the plugin into an Unreal5 project and it works… but I have not tried that…


Looking forward to your feedback