SSL connect error

It showed the connection error when i built external module.

The problem is like the following description in
“I tried times and still get this error. I solved the dependency package error by downloading it directly and placing it in the corresponding location, but this does not seem to work for the download of ExternalData”

But the solution seems not applicable to execute in configuration of CMake.
Any comments will be appreciated.

some version info:
iMSTK: 6.0.0
CMake: 3.21.0

Did you try the solution suggested in the ticket ? CMAKE_USE_OPENSSL_DEFAULT=ON if this is necessary we can add that to the default settings as well

yeah. I tried to add CMAKE_USE_OPENSSL_DEFAULT=ON from the CMakeLists and Add Entry in CMake-GUI respectively. But they didn’t work. Are there any errors in my ways to add this instruction?

This looks ok

If you copy the link that the build process shows into the browser can you download the zip file ?

Can you download the data from the repository directly?

The script executing the download is CMake/External/External_iMSTKData.cmake i think you could work around this issue by downloading the above zip file and then setting the uri in line 20 of the above script to a file:///... to the location of the file on your drive

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Thanks for helping.
I did try to download the file from the link that build process shows. But without replacing url path, It will keep downloading and overwrite the correct file when it deals with imstk-data and imstkexternalprojecttemplate project.
Now it works well.