StreamingAssets on Android

Trying to build an android application with the Vuforia Engine and succesfully managed to deploy it on Android. However, its not finding the StreamingAssets and I wonder if there is a solution to this. I tried using the BetterStreamingAssets plugin but couldn’t make it work.

Also, when using the VitalsMonitor on Vuforia, it shows pink lines under every object, even though they have a material attached.

Any ideas?

Hi Degly

I have not build Pulse for android yet.
I am not sure if Unity does anything different on an Android system
Did you copy the Pulse streaming assets folder into the root of your application?

I am also unsure as to why the Vuforia would render the vitals monitor differently.

I will be updating the Unity Asset for our 3.x release, and this will include the ability to load a state with out the need for on disk asset files. So that may help too.

Thank you for your answer! Turns out Unity for Android doesn’t work with the Streaming Assets folder without some changes which is why I think this 3.x release is exactly what I need.

Here is how it looks with Vuforia

That is good to know!
I should have a Unity build this week that I can post here for testing to see if it helps you out.
(Official 3.x release is later this month)

I will take a look at the components used in the vitals monitor to see if maybe something on the z buffer could be a miss…

It would be amazing if you can do that, thank you very much!
I will try to find a solution for the current version for now.

And the pink lines only show up on Vuforia, even in the desktop version. I will get more information about this too.

Here is the latest asset (release candidate)

Any feedback is appreciated!

I can make any changes you recommend

This is amazing! I will start working with it right away