Tagging markup-resource components with an ontology class

The new markup resource now includes an operation for tagging components with an ontology class, indicating the component is an individual member of that class of components. This work was done for aeva in order to expose the uberon ontology, which is a large ontology with approximately 40,000 classes (covering organs, tissues, and physical + developmental relationships between them). The operation includes a custom UI item-view (qtOntologyItem) which autocompletes tag names from the set of all classes.


This operation and UI is embodied in cmb/smtk!2824.

Creating your own ontology

If you would like to create your own ontology for a different area, you might find the yamlpyowl package useful. You can declare ontology classes and their inheritance using YAML, then convert it into the OWL format that SMTK expects. This is how the example we use for testing was created.