Third-party class names

I’m taking a survey of sorts. We are going to incorporate some external code (MIT license) into SMTK that subclasses QTableView to support multiple-row headers with column spanning. (I’ll paste a mockup below.) There are 4 classes in all (8 files) that I plan to add to smtk/extension/qt, but the original file names are a bit odd. Here are the original names along with what I have currently renamed them to. My “SMTK” names might be too generic and I am open to alternative suggestions.

Original Name Description Proposed SMTK Name
GridTableView Subclass of QTableView qtTableView
GridTableHeaderView Subclass of QHeaderView qtHeaderView
TableModel Used by header view subclass qtHeaderModel
TableModelItem Used by header view subclass qtHeaderModelItem


And here’s a mockup for a potential “attribute table view”:


First of all - this looks great! In terms of class names, we might want to be a bit more descriptive:
qtHeaderModel → gtGridHeaderModel
qtHeaderModelItem → qtGridHeaderModelItem (or if it was a class defined within qtGridHeaderModel then it could just be ModelItem)
qtHeaderView → qtGridHeaderView
qtTableView → qtAdvanceTableView

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+1 with one possible revision: could you live with qtAdvancedTableView? (Advance → Advanced)

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The prototype looks great!

The proposed class names aren’t specific to attribute resources, but the classes are. Is it time to split+move smtk/extension/qt into smtk/qt/attribute and smtk/qt/resource?


Actually they are not related to attributes at all. There needs to be a new qtView class that is derived from qtBaseAttributeView - this will be attribute related.

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