Toggling events in the event manager.

I guess this question is specifically for Cardiac Arrest for now but i’d like to know if the same applies to other events.
Lets say i turn on the cardiac arrest event on the patient would it make the HR go to 0? If not is there a way i can set up the patient to start with a CA
if yes does this also apply to other events in the event manager ?

If you apply an Arrhythmia action with Asystole, the HR will drop to 0

Use the Pulse Explorer to start with the StandardMale state and apply this action, let it run for a bit and Serialize the Pulse state for use in your application.

Notice, this is going to drop your MAP into/below the 30s.
You can actually perform CPR in the Explorer if you set the Chest Compression Action to something like the following: Then you will need to keep clicking the Apply button at the proper compression timing to keep the MAP in the 40s

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