Ue5.3 Setup Help

Hello, I am developing a game in UE5.3 and wanted to use the plugin within it. I was able to follow the documentation and open the example project. I followed the directions and placed the plugin into my own projects Plugin folder and was able to build and open my own project. I also see that it is enabled under ‘Plugin Settings’. Unfortunately, i’m not sure to do at this point. How do I run, open, or even see the plugin? I was wanting to display the vitals screen like in the example project, but I don’t even see any of the plugin files within my own.


Pulse is only a computational library. There are no visual components provided in the plugin, only the engine library for calculating a single patients’ physiology. So you will need to create an instance of a PulseEngine component and add it to your scene and connect it to the game loop as demonstrated in the example. If you want to perform specific actions associated with your application, I suggest you copy and modify the example PulseComponent header and source files into your application, then hook things up like the exaple does. With your own custom Pulse component, you can use the Pulse API to create and interact with a patient. We lots of examples here and documentation for you to read for using the Common Data Model and its structures, as well as the Pulse interface.

Pulse is a very versitle library that allows you do quite a bit to the patient via actions, and also computes hundreds of data properties. Its up to you to decide what actions and data you need for your application. If you would like a vitals monitor, you can copy the assets from our example into your application. Just hook it up just like the example blueprints do.

Note that I have had to update the PulseEngine.Build.cs file to get applications to properly use the Pulse plugin, just download this version and replace the one provided in the plugin.

But again, its up to you do visually display or use any physiology data that Pulse provides.