Un-completing tasks

Recently we’ve been working on the task system to accommodate iterative workflows. There are times when users will complete a task and then work on some task upstream of the completed task. The video below shows how this now works with SubmitOperation tasks (where the user is required to run an operation, some of whose parameters are adapted from an upstream FillOutAttributes task).

Note that the Stage 1 Attributes is a FillOutAttributes task connected to Stage 1 Operation (a SubmitOperation task) by a ConfigureOperation adaptor that copies the integer and double item values from the attribute editor into the operation (shown in the parameter editor panel). Each time the operation parameters are modified by the adaptor, the operation must be re-run by clicking Apply.

With SMTK MR 2934, the default UI for task nodes has changed. The context menu is removed and its controls are integrated into the node directly.

You can see in the updated screen recording above that as the active task is changed (by clicking on the title bar), the attribute-editor and operation parameter-editor panels update themselves accordingly. Also, once a task is completed, any editors are marked read-only so that values cannot be modified after completion.