Unity Asset and Vision Pro


Can you recompile the dlls so it is compatible with Vision Pro? We have it working on other platforms otherwise.


I am not sure when we will be able to do this and what the build requirements are for the Vision and what all I would need to do in building… let alone test it… I assume you would want this for Unity?

Maybe its as easy as flipping a switch in xcode… maybe not…

I think that it should be that easy. The existing code should work it just needs to be recompiled from the new Xcode to support that platform. This was very common with libraries as the arm cpus evolved. Hardly anything required refactoring or anything extra to make it work.

Per our build intructions, we will need to figure out the proper CMake toolchain to use for VisionOS…

This repo seems to have one that has some VisionOS references in it, which may or may not work when integrated into our CMake system… they seem to be doing different things, but this one might be worth moving to since it seems to have support for so many Apple platforms…

Looks promising!

Any updates on this? We are holding on for a Vision Pro release and this is one of our last “blockers”.

Sorry, I have not gotten around to testing this out.
I will see what I can do before the end of March

Thanks Abray, we’re on standby to test this once it is ready. Are you still targeting sometime before the end of this week for this?

I had to find an arm64 Mac that supported the latest version of XCode
It still seems to not be happy…but I will take another swing at it this week
That cmake file is doing some weird stuff… so I am trying to figure out my own
We’ll see how it goes…

Sorry to hear about that trouble. Thanks for the update. I hope we can figure this out in time for our VisionOS releases so that we can maintain our support for Pulse there.

Hey Guys,

I am having a hard time with XCode on an arm64 machine.
This combination seems to have more restrictions that keep throwing me for a loop whenever I build anything with xcode… makefile builds work fine… I am not very fluent in xcode or the osx permission system…

The iOS build instructions work fine on a x86_64 machine, but not on an arm64 machine… So I seem to be making some assumptions in the build procedure that are not arm64 compatible… and teasing those out are going to take some time. I have a few emails out with questions to some mac users, but I don’t see this being resolved quickly… these kinds of issues just seem to require dedicating lots of time for wacking my head against a wall to figure out what the build wants…