Unity - Broken if in a prefab?


I’m having an issue where a PulseDataLineRenderer has an error with the data source & data field when it (along with the PulseEngineDriver instance) are placed in a prefab. In the scene where the prefab is instanced, I just get the error on the instance: Data source could not generate valid data fields, and it will just fail at runtime.

I’m guessing this is being caused by the fancy footwork the PulseDataConsumerEditor is playing with the sourceProp & dataFieldIndexProp that hides those in the editor but tries to set those values appropriately, but I haven’t done a ton with custom Editors to spot what is wrong.

Unity 2021.3.13f1, just running in the editor.

Any help is much appreciated!


I have not tried to do this
I will see if I can figure something out when we update the next asset
Which should be in Feb.

Great, thank you for your time!