Unity fps low when rendering scenes of imstk-unity

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Hello, I would like to ask about the issue of low frame rate when applying imstk-unity related scenes in Unity. Is there any way to improve the frame rate? Thank you.

Can you give a little more detail ? The picture is not accessible.

The operation page encountered a crash while executing the imstk-unity scene materials depicted in this image within the Unity environment. I hypothesize that the low frame rate in Unity may be the culprit. Could you kindly provide guidance on how to address this issue? Your assistance would be immensely valued.

That is a scene that requires a haptic device, this probably shouldn’t be in the distributed unity plugin. For testing you can try removing the OpenHapticsDevice component in the Device gameobject, add a UnityDrivenDevice (see the UnityController example) And then connect use that in the Device field of the RigidController under the needle


Thank you for your help. We will continue to try.

We have tried to reduce the quality of the materials and modeling in Unity, but there is still lag when displaying the imstk materials in Unity, and this material is not displayed based on Open haptics. Do you know the specific reason? Thank you.

What’s the actual frame rate you are getting ? What’s the CPU you are using, how does the CPU utilization look like ?

Can you add the SimulationStats component, check the Show Stats checkbox, and post the numbers here please ? (wait a few seconds so the averages can settle)