Unity IOS support


We are working on a cross-platform solution that would include the Pulse Engine and we implement IOS as well but I see that there is no native plugin for it in the solution. Is there any way to get it working in IOS?

Thank you

I have not looked at the iOS development process in a while
From what I understand, you need to write a custom apple/xcode script to build a dynamic lib that is iOS compliant. Its a pretty nitch process and I have not dug into it. Pulse does build static libraries, so you should be able to build the code base as is, then write the necessary xcode script to pull in everything for the iOS library… But then I am not sure if that is going to be Unity compliant or not… as it’s going to need to encapsulate the interfaces used by the C# used by Unity…

You might be able to use CMake on a Mac to generate an XCode project, then some how configure XCode to build an iOS compliant version of the PulseC project… I am really not sure. It’s probably a could of days of investigation/work/experimentation to get the process down, but we currently don’t have that on our near term milestones.