Using Pulse for a game

Hey! I’m just wondering if pulse is suitable to be used in video games (not for learning purposes) to simulate bullet wounds, infections, etc. Thanks!

We have a pretty good hemorrhage model
There is a decent bit of overhead associated with using an engine
Its one instance is one person, so I assume you would just use it for the player character
I think that would be ok, but Pulse needs to solve at 50Hz, so it could impact other areas of the game
Setting up an engine per npc would cost too much

Yeah, I already planed to have just one system, so that wouldn’t be an issue. The thing I’m most worried about is if I can change the patient file at runtime. For example, if the player is exercising, ate, or did anything else

You just pass an action to the engine for whatever you do
the computation cost is always the same

Oh, neat. Thank you a lot!