VIAME Toolkit and DIVE Desktop Install: "Kiwver failed to initialise"


I am in the process of installing the full toolkit to a windows 10 machine, I have extracted and copied the binaries into the C drive recomended install folder (C:\Program Files\VIAME). however when I launch the DIVE Desktop and take a look at settings, the following message appears in the Platform Support section:

“Could not initialize kwiver: kwiver failed to initialize”

When trying to run an esample pipeline (i.e. camtrawl detector) I can load the image sequence, however i get the following error message in the DIVE GUI:

Pipeline Incomplete
Pipeline: camtrawl
either failed or was cancelled by the user

The following also shows in the cmd.exe window:

C:\Users\jh11\VIAME_DATA\DIVE_Jobs\left_camtrawl_03-25-2024_05-48-19.414>SET KWIVER_DEFAULT_LOG_LEVEL=info
INFO: Could not load default logger factory. Using built-in logger.
Process exited with code 3221225477: C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe

Could you possibly point out where I might be going wrong please?

Many thanks