View circuit path with labels

Reading through CardiovascularModel.cpp I can see in the setup where the circuit is setup CardiovascularModel::SetUp() . Is it possible to export the circuit graph to be viewable e.g. something like graphviz? One graph for the systemic circuit and another for compartment circuits.

Also is it possible to generate the code for a circuit given an input graph? e.g. create the skeleton code for a new circuit or compartment.

Hi @Kurt_Sansom

Our data model is pretty functional and expressed in a proto file here. It should be pretty straight forward to write an i/o class to write data out. Reading data in would require a little more work to ensure all the he names used to interact with the circuit programmatically get properly mapped

While we don’t currently have any automated process to input/output circuit networks to be viewable, we include a hand-created TinyCAD file here that is used for creating the circuit diagram in the methodology documentation.