volume fractions do not sum to 1

I’m creating the pulse engine from java using this patient file that comes with Pulse: build\install\bin\patients\Soldier.json (I am not yet using states).

When the engine is initializing, I get this fatal error:

FATAL:Mouth Compartment's volume fractions do not sum up to 1 : 
TODO Handle this Failure : [0(s)] Mouth Compartment's volume fractions do not sum up to 1 
[ERROR] [2020-03-24 15:50:47,836] [main] [PulseEngine] PulseEngine::115::Unable to initialize engine

Stepping through the code, it appears that there are 3 SEGasSubstanceQuantity objects, but each has a volume fraction of 0.0, so the totalFraction ends up being 0.0.

I have set up files in a separate location, so maybe there is some file that I failed to copy over that is necessary?

It looks like the issue was that I was missing the environments folder, so the fraction of each kind of gas defaulted to 0, which then caused this issue downstream.