Dashboard Status

Some (not all) dashboards are back up after a change to smtk that required a matching change to ParaView.


I’ve checked and praxis had what appeared to be a stale .git/index.lock file in its smtk source directory (it was dated August 19th; today is September 7th). I’ve removed it.

I can take a look on Kerbin this week.

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I think the issue is that the superbuild is not configured to use response files when building paraview. This prevents the superbuild from completing and thus an old paraview (without the required changes) is used when trying to build smtk’s master branch. I don’t know how Ben sets things up to use response files.


Trying it right now.

PS: The ninja on Kerbin is too old to support it. I just bumped its version to be 1.9.0.