Dashboard superbuild failure, Kerbin

Looks like we hit a known issue with the superbuild failing on Kerbin:
CMake: ninja command line too long
Response files are the answer, but they haven’t been implemented in CMake for compiling .rc files.
Paraview hit it here

@tj.corona I see we use a very short root directory on Praxis, C:\bbd vs C:/d/buildbot on Kerbin. Can we make that change on Kerbin?

Also @tj.corona , do you know who to bug about why rc files do not seem to use response files while other files in the same build do?

@Haocheng_Liu is the maintainer for Kerbin so he gets final say, but I am fine with shortening the root directory.

No objection here. Kerbin is hooked up on KVM so feel free to do so.

Btw I think the superbuild failure belongs to a release branch superbuild. The ParaView version in CMB release branch superbuild hasn’t learnt the response file yet.

No, response files are definitely being used in the same ParaView build, but not for rc files.

If someone wants to tell me how, I’m happy to…

… or are you saying that ParaView changes were required for using response files with rc files?

Hmmm… I’m not sure I know all the steps involved, but at a minimum some paths need to be updated in the buildbot repo (on our internal gitlab) in the machines/kerbin directory. The buildbot’s buildslave may also need to be configured differently?

Humm, have you modified buildbot repo on kwgitlab? That’s the place to change the path. Meanwhile, I don’t think it’s the right way to fix the problem… The path used to be C:\dashboard\buildbot. I shortened it to be C:\d\buildbot several years ago. Even though we short it to b C:, we will still hit the problem in the near future.

BG: I digged into Kerbin a few month ago and what I found is that ninja on Kerbin is too old to use response file. I update the ninja binary to latest on Kerbin. Also I spent some to fix the release superbuild and there was nothing I can do as the ParaView SHA for release branch does not have the response file improvement. I didn’t check the master build at that time as it was working as expected.

Is master superbuild on kerbin failing due to response file? @aron.helser

IDK where that build comes from? I can check… This is the one that is failing due to the response file missing only on Icon.rc: https://open.cdash.org/buildSummary.php?buildid=6128018

Humm, clearly response file is not being used on kerbin… Now master has the problem as well

Restarted the buildslave, using c:\bbd as the build root. Until we get traction on the CMake bug for response files when compiling .rc files, this is the best we can do. I suppose shorter QT paths might be next.


Also, do you have any idea why praxis is dead now? Maybe a terminal left open?

Kerbin ran to completion, with 5 expected CMB test failures.
Praxis had no obvious problem terminals open. Boost root was set to something sensible on the build that complained it couldn’t find boost. Not sure what’s up. It needed a windows update, so I just restarted it.

Good to know :+1:.

We can bring it up on next Tuesday weekly meeting. If you need help I can help you on path shortening next week.