Delaunay extension

@tj.corona Shouldn’t there be an “environment” library for smtkDelaunayExt? I don’t see one and the tests appear to manually register the operator to an operation manager.

Yeah, there probably should be one.

Please don’t do anything crazy until my hugemongous MR is in.

Crazy like a fox!

Well, my hugemongous MR is in now, so go for it. :slight_smile:

Also, I’ve been using DelaunayExt as an experiment for a new smtk_environment() macro in SMTK MR 1103. My sticking point is that I can’t currently figure out how to wrap the Registrar class in a way it can actually be used from python.

What do you mean by “Registrar class”? I would think that the four free functions (un)register(Operations/Resources) would be written in C++ and wrapped to be callable in python.

If you want to avoid using smtk::environment, then it needs to be easier to register/unregister resources and operations. The idea is that constructing a Registrar would keep everything registered for its lifetime and do it in a single line rather than a bunch of calls.