Engine does not run in Android Unity build (IL2CPP)


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I am trying to build my Unity XR project with Pulse (using the scenario driver) using the IL2CPP pipeline but even after adding the link.xml the engine does not run inside the VR headset.

My issue is pretty similar to but after folloing the steps the engine still does not run.

What headset are you trying to use?
There needs to be a native build of the PulseC library compatible with the target hardware.

I am using the HTC Vive Focus 3

I have recently recieved a note from another user about the HTC not running the android binary we provide.

I need to check and see if I have one available and see if I can figure out any native library requirements they might have

I will need to get back to you on this

Okay no worries,
Thanks for the timely reply!

Any updates on whether this is a binary problem?
I would like to be able to demo the project to some people soon.

I have not gotten my hands on a vive yet

But I will go ahead and build the latest asset with win64 and android and you can test it out

Here is the latest pulse with win64 and android native libraries

Let me know how this goes


It still does not run the Pulse Engine on the headset and no errors pop up in the console while running.

Works in the Unity Editor though without issues though.

I think I am just going to have to scrounge up a vive and shell into it to see how to run C++ on it

Do you have a list of headsets that are compatible with Pulse?

No, Pulse is a C++ library, so its just figuring out the build requirments of the target headset to provide it a compatible native PulseC library. Some headsets provide an SDK, some do not. HTC does not seem to have good documentation on their requirements that I can find

I do have an occulus, I will try to run the pulse vitals monitor on the occulus and see what happens…

i seem to be having the same issue but with my quest 1 device. i’ve followed all the extra steps i could find in the forums for setting things up properly on android/oculus specifically but have had no luck. i may try pulling the suggested repo and integrating my project into that if need be.

Ok, I am working on getting something running on my Occulus

I should have more info next week

you have had oculus quest running pulse engine before though? i see other users in the forums have as well, could it be a different version of the oculus SDK we are each using? maybe quest specific, like i run the quest 1, others may be running the quest 2.

I have not
Not sure about other users
I have it running on my phone
So I am pretty sure this is doable, just need to figure out what their build requirements are

Which I believe are this

I just need to update my NDK setting to these targets and see how things go

Here is a native build for android api 26


Let see if that works on occulus, (maybe the vive?)

A bit unsure about which files I should be replacing with your build.

Neither of the files in the Android-ARMv7a or v8a folders are called PulseC.so; both are called libPulseC.so. Also, should I be renaming the file to libPulseC or is it fine for it to be named PulseC?.

I believe the build we are looking for is running the v8a (ARM64) but would just like to make sure that I am following the right process.

oh, just drop in the armv8 folder and rename PulseC.so to libPulseC.so