get graph of the twelve derivations in unity

I have been playing with the asset to understand it correctly through the different demo scenarios that are included, and I really see that it is relatively easy to use even for an inexperienced programmer like me, but I am unable to visualize any derivation other than the 3 and I don’t understand what I must be doing wrong. any key for a newbie in programming?

Hi @victor.vicente
Are you using the Pulse or the VTK Unity asset?

Sorry I didn’t specify it, I was looking for it in Pulse asset

Ok, That is me

To use the Pulse API you should have a good understanding of the the Common Data Model and its structures, as well as the Pulse interface.

The 12 derivations are referred to as Data Requests
Pulse computes a LOT of data, and you will need to enumerate which properties you want from Pulse via a DataRequest
SEDataRequest has a few methods for you to use in specifying what data you want to pull.
The string property name associated with these various methods name and can be one from :

I would suggest you start to learn the API by looking at this HowTo
There are many more C++ Examples in this directory, Since C++ is the native language there are generally more examples.

The way the Pulse API is structured, these examples translate very easily to the Pulse C# API
You can see C# examples here

Sorry it took so long to find this.
Once you read though the provided material, I suggest you post specific questions to the Pulse discourse forum here

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