GUI for FileItem

I’ve been recently making changes to qtFileItem to support updating the the values being displayed without rebuilding the entire widget. In the course of doing so I discovered several issues with the original class including:

  1. Component Labels not being properly displayed
  2. Extensible Values not being properly updated
  3. The ability of remembering previous values for items that have the file should exist option not working for number of required values > 1.
  4. There is a mechanism that if you provide file extensions it will display a combo showing the different extensions - this only works for Number of Required values == 1 - else the UI is incorrect.

Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 2.19.56 PM
So in addressing these issues I was wondering if folks still want the option of displaying previous values (using a combo box) when the file should exists option is set? And if the answer is yes - should the use of the combo box be optional?

And unless anyone is using it I would like to remove the file extension combobox

I have not made use of the previous-file combo box and am OK with removing it.

I also don’t use the extensions combo box and have found it a little confusing in the past. So I would vote to remote that too.

If you do keep the ability to display previous values, I agree that it should be optional.

I also agree that the extension combobox is confusing, but how else do you convey to the user that they need to input an exodus file? It would be much worse if the value were simply invalid until they figured it out.

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