Packaging and testing for aeva

@ben.boeckel We need to be able to test and (more importantly in the short term) package aeva (which is a rebranded PV/ModelBuilder plus plugins).I can take a stab at gitlab CI scripts and further superbuild changes, but is it possible to use the CMB/SMTK runners? Or do I need to find machines to install runners on? Do I have (can I get) permission to push docker images to the right place? You also said tags for runners was important to get right… do you have suggestions?

@dcthomp Let me know if I can help in any way.

@tj.corona You can help in any way! Would you like to help in all of them? We need to get a package to Cleveland Clinic soon. I think their primary platform is Linux and second choice is Windows. The app here is basically modelbuilder with a new name and icons. It needs SMTK’s core plugins plus the custom session here. I’ll be updating the app to keep up with cmb/cmb shortly, but any automated build/test/package stuff you can do would be really helpful.

Let’s add the stuff to a (the?) superbuild and add a gitlab-ci script to build it. Reusing the runners is fine (though will likely add stress to them, but that can be fixed with more hardware in due time).

As for permission to push docker images, what’s your Docker Hub account name?

I suggest copying the tags for runners which most match your build setup from existing builders.


You’ve been added to the CMB team which should be able to push to the kitware/cmb repo.