Problem Building SMTK - 3/321/2020

Last login: Sun Mar 22 19:57:27 on ttys002

[obara@Gallifrey SMTK] cd ../CMB [obara@Gallifrey CMB] ./bin/
( 7.139s) [paraview ]vtkSIProxyDefinitionMan:526 ERR| vtkSIProxyDefinitionManager (0x7fbc136e4d40): No proxy that matches: group=sources and proxy=SMTKResourceImporter_15046859196980938234 were found.

Note that this is after John’s push to in theory fix this properly - do I have to do anything special to rebuild _ i’ve tried running cmake and ninja but I still have this error.

@dcthomp @johnt @ben.boeckel

I presume this occurs with any .sbt or .sbi file? I cannot reproduce the error with, for example, the file in smtk/data. I’m using linux (Ubuntu 16.04) with smtk:master and cmb:master.

Hmm, I see that I have not updated my cmb-superbuild to the current ParaView sha. I will rebuild and retest.

Update, retested, still works on linux.

@Bob_Obara If this is still an issue I’d be happy to help you debug.

Hey T.J.,

That would be great! - I’ve started a meeting:

Talk with you soon!


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As @tj.corona noted:

The syntax for that string is dictated by Qt, not us, but there is a bit of machinery behind registering importers with paraview.

It would be nice to document this a little bit more for people writing importers. Also, there are some UX improvements we could make to modelbuilder’s File->Import menu item. Specifically, it lists extensions for all the registered import operations, but doesn’t have an “Supported formats (...)” default that combines all the extensions. That means you often end up with an empty list of files in the directory you know has your data:

You have to select the file type below:

But if you use File->Open instead of File->Import, you see:

One of SMTK’s big customers is often adding an “all supported types” entry manually.

People writing importers need only register their import operation with the importer group. More documentation is needed for operator and resource registration, but I think the success we have seen with the copy-paste-modify approach makes this less urgent than other tasks on our to-do list.

We definitely need this as an option. The class to extend is pqImportIntoResourceReaction. A little bit of regex-fu on smtk/extension/paraview/appcomponents/plugin/pqSMTKImportIntoResourceBehavior.cxx:134 is all we would need. MRs welcome!