Python 3 support

I have just bumped SMTK, CMB and the CMB superbuild (so you will likely need to update your builds locally before you can build SMTK or CMB from the master branch). The reason for all of the updates is that we can now build CMB with python 3 support! Currently, our superbuild does not support building python 3 from source, so you will have to use a system python 3. I will be adding a buildbot configuration for Moho to test this new functionality.

Are we dropping support for python2 to be python3 only? (Awesome for that change!)

No, I don’t think we can drop python 2 support as long as we interface with python 2-only projects (like Capstone). Currently, our python tests are dual-purpose for both python 2 and 3. We will see how difficult that is to maintain!

Note that Shawn has Python3 building in the tomviz superbuild. Porting it over would be good. It would also mean that all Python packages can be installed via pip.

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