Python vtk tests on smtk master

Ben, python install question for you…

There are some python tests failing on an smtk master build, on linux:

138 - elevateMeshOnStructuredGridPy (Failed)
139 - snapPointsToSurfacePy (Failed)
180 - iterateMultiBlockModelPy (Failed)
197 - loadSMTKPluginInParaViewPy (Failed)
238 - exoReadFilePy (Failed)

They are failing like this:

139:   File "/home/aron.helser/projects/cmb/smtk/src/smtk/mesh/testing/python/", line 16, in <module>
139:     import smtk.extension.vtk.source
139: ImportError: No module named vtk.source

It seems that stmk/extension/vtk/ is not being copied to site_packages in the build directory. If I copy it, and then correct stmk/extension/vtk/sources/

   -import vtkSMTKSourceExtPython
   +from smtk import vtkSMTKSourceExtPython

then 3 of the tests pass, and 2 fail trying to load GDAL.

I see there’s CMake code that should install stmk/extension/vtk/ but it’s not doing it’s thing? The same issue occurs for stmk/extension/paraview/, too.

As an aside, these tests are failing because they can’t load GDAL:

  2 - resource-manager-state (Failed)
241 - cxx_first_steps (Failed)
242 - implement_an_operator (Failed)

Ben and I are working on these just now.