Release notes

A while back we had discussed adopting ParaView’s practice of adding a markdown changelog to each significant merge request (MR).

  • I’m starting that with SMTK MR 1096, which adds a note to the (new) doc/release/notes directory.
  • There is an example in doc/release/notes that you can use as a template.
  • Whoever performs a release of SMTK should erase all the files in doc/release/notes, organizing their content into a file named doc/release/ Any previous content in doc/release/ should be discarded at each major revision; the git history may be used to examine it if necessary.
  • ParaView’s repo adds a reminder to the “Do: check” results if it doesn’t find an addition to the release note directory inside a MR… can we enable that for SMTK or do we need to wait for Ben to return?

I asked Shawn and he told me that it’s a Brad King’s question (Should be pretty simple to enable the reminder). I would ask Brad during lunch tomorrow.

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Is this still wanted?

It has already been implemented.