Renaming SMTK Bridge to Session

The old term bridge needs to be replaced to reflect the newer session concept. To do this it looks like we need to do the following:

  • Rename bridge directory to session and fix all include paths
  • Change the smtk::bridge namespace to smtk::session

So instead of smtlk::bridge::discrete::Session smtk::session::discrete::Session.

Any comments?

+1. We could also consider moving smtk::model::Session into the new session namespace (so it would be smtk::session::Session).

Also, @dcthomp laid out a directory restructure in an earlier Discourse thread. It proposed breaking sessions out of smtk core’s directory altogether. Perhaps we should consider affecting both changes at once?

+1 to rename bridge to session.

The directory restructure was the e-mail thread named “Pie in the sky”, not a discourse topic.