SMTK - Model not rendering - Could not toggle visibility

Hi All,

Built CMB 6 off of this commit and SMTK off this commit and I am able to get the operations now to show up in the resource panel. But when I use an operation, like smtk::bridge::discrete::ImportOperation via the operations panel I can import an obj or an STL but it does not display in the rendering window. The “eye” icon is grayed out and if you click on it it tosses this error:

SMTK: ERROR: /opt/dev/cmb-6.0.0/thirdparty/smtk/smtk/extension/qt/qtDescriptivePhraseModel.cxx, line 679: Could not toggle visibility of "test.stl (/opt/models)"

One thing I notice is if I use File -> Open and load the stl using the same operation SMTK importer for Solids into smtk::bridge::discrete::Resource it does render and display correctly in both the Resources menu and in the render window.

This happens for other Operations as well.


One other observation. Using the Operations panel it appears to bypass the Properties panel and I do not have to hit “apply” in the properties panel but if I use File -> Open or File -> New Resource for instance I have to hit the apply button.

Hi Corey,

I am actively working on this issue. I can let you know when I have a fix.


This issue should be addressed in SMTK’s master branch with the inclusion of this MR. Please let me know if this solves the issue you described!

Hi TJ,

While not intuitive it does resolve the issue. I am able to use a Operation like smtk::session::discrete::ImportOperation and it loads successfully into the Resources window but still does not render. When I click on the item I imported in the resource panel I can then click apply in the Properties panel and it displays in the render window.

While not intuitive it does resolve the issue.

The fix does not address the myriad Apply buttons and their inconsistent use. Rather, it ensures that resources entering ModelBuilder via an operation (as opposed to the File menu) render correctly.

Then I’d say book it. Done. Thanks TJ