The lonely subcategory

Hi all,

The Dashboard subcategory feels a little lonely. I think we could use

  • Design (or Architecture or Development or Proposals) for “change proposal” discussions and planning.
  • Build & Install
  • Using SMTK
  • Tips and Tricks (to match ParaView’s).
  • Gallery (for showing off images/movies/applications)
  • Rename Dashboard to Software Process (to be more inclusive as noted below).

Any opinions?

Also, the Dashboard subcategory might be better named Software Process so it includes the entire set of gitlab pipelines (configure/build/install/package/deploy) that dashboards are a part of.


We could also use a Gallery subcategory for images/movies. Will add to the top post.

@Bob_Obara You mentioned wanting to “archive” Discourse topics because of the clutter, but I think adding subcategories would get us a long way toward being able to find stuff. If we had a Design subcategory (as mentioned above), we could move topics in as they documented the as-implemented design of SMTK (and theoretically out of the subcategory as they were superseded by newer designs).